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PEER really works to get to know the project and define the questions we’re getting at and figure out measures that will work in that scope...It’s been, across the board, an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend PEER.
— Renee Altoffer, Vermont Science Initiative

It’s great to see a program succeed for the youth or adults who are participating directly in it. But there is an added excitement when there is a sense that there could be dynamics going on that apply beyond the local program being evaluated.

Instead of focusing only on how well a particular program is meeting its goals, research projects investigate questions about broader phenomena that include but also transcend the goals of a particular program. Compared to evaluation, the purpose of research is more oriented toward knowledge and understanding than just decision and action. With research projects, we help you generate insights that transfer across and beyond your programs, and may be more likely to contribute to the academic literature.

Research projects typically are driven by major grant funding and include collaboration with other research organizations or academic institutions.

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The PEER team looks forward to hearing from you!