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One of our greatest accomplishments to date has been our investment in high-quality program evaluation to assess the impact of our programming on teachers and students.
— REAL School Gardens report to Boone Family Foundation
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Education organizations and nonprofits are increasingly called on to provide evidence that demonstrates the results of their work. Whether you require program evaluation to attract funding, to better communicate with your audiences, or to make recommendations for program improvements, PEER can help.

We work collaboratively with you to customize evaluation plans to meet your organization’s specific utilization and decision needs and budget.

Smaller evaluation projects typically include detailed planning, prioritization, and program theory exercises, plus some initial data collection and analysis to begin informing your most urgent and/or useful decisions. Small scale projects can work for organizations just getting started with evaluation as well as for projects with ongoing annual evaluation efforts.

Evaluation for organizations with larger programs, established program evaluation efforts, and/or multi-year grant funding tend to focus on multiple strands of data collection aimed at several high priority program outcomes. Regularly scheduled meetings between program staff and evaluators keep goals on track and keep the internal and public facing reporting deliverables in step with evolving decision and action priorities.

PEER also supports clients in the program design and organizational strategy work that naturally feeds into and flows from effective program evaluation.

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The PEER team looks forward to hearing from you!